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Paul Cuthbert

Paul has worked in the field of advertising and marketing for more than two decades. A graduate of Brigham Young University with a BA in Communications, Paul Cuthbert is a self taught graphic artist. Starting his own agency and focusing on advertising design Paul moved into an administrative role whilst managing accounts for his agency back in the mid-1990s. 

In addition to producing layouts for advertisements and marketing materials, Paul began applying his creativity to copywriting. He has since spent time as a content writer and written link building content for a large number of search engine optimization clients. Paul continued to write advertising copy and promotional scripts for clients after pursuing an interest in voice over.

Paul Cuthbert believes that as marketing has shifted from traditional to digital platforms, he too must evolve. Continuing to learn as technologies and marketing cultures transform the way companies attract consumers, Paul Cuthbert has challenged himself to gain knowledge and insight into the ever-changing landscape of online and digital marketing.


Included in Paul's expansive list of projects in his own foree into audio and video production. Even when taking time out to voice commercial and narrative projects for clients around the globe, Paul never lost sight of his roots as a marketing professional. Paul Cuthbert has promoted people, products, and services including spending time as a talent agent marketing actors within Utah's rich entertainment industry.

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