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Paul Cuthbert

Copywriting and Content Portfolio
Social Media Content

Social media posts are an important component of online marketing. Whether posting on a professional page or adding to a personal profile, the message you post becomes part of the historical content that lives online forever. Here are some samples of what I have posted. Click for images 

Long Form Article

Knowing how consumers think and at what stage they are in the buying cycle presents an interesting problem for online marketers. By creating engaging content that is both persuasive and logical, it is possible to guide the buyer through their decision process. Read more

Blog Post

​Now that I have launched the site I am already looking at what tweaks need to be made to the layout and content of the visible side of the web pages that are online. What I am not looking at altering though is the optimized side of the site that has been set up with the Meta tags.

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Corporate Bio

An experienced photographer Mike’s eye for detail provides creative support for GlyMed Plus’ advertising campaigns.

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Press Release

Salt Lake City has a new source for casting actors, models and voice over talent. Scene 1 Talent is the latest agency to welcome Utah actors. Offering a dynamic range of ethnically diverse actors and models for casting calls. Read more

Ad Copy

​The second amendment, protects every citizen’s right to bear arms. So exercise your constitutional right, with a Glock 19. The preferred firearm for public and private security agencies, is now available to every law abiding citizen, who wants to exercise their constitutional right.


I speak with many small and mid-sized business owners that are great people offering great products and outstanding service to their customers, yet they continually struggle to keep their business in the black. Read more

Ad Copy

​A true gentleman knows the refinement that only a traditional safety razor offers. For the closest, cleanest shave there’s only one clear choice. Gillette, the best a Man can get.

Online Content

Step Three: Moisturize. Yes, I said it! Men need to moisturize. After rinsing off any remaining shave cream with cold water it is vital for a man to use a moisturizer to prevent his face from drying out. Read more

Storytelling Copy

Late at night, when the moon house is dark, you can hear the muffled sound of someone speaking. You lean in, and press your ear to the wall, listening intently. The faint words…”excitare liberos,”translate in your thoughts. “Wake up children!” Who is speaking, and to whom are they calling? Your heart begins to race, as you peer through the crack of the slightly open door, to spy the outline of a ghostly figure, calling out, as she descends the winding staircase.

Magazine Article

​I meet people that are moving forward and those that are crawling along. Some of the people I encounter are operating in the higher gears; they are successful, motivated and busy generating results and attaining their goals and desires. We often refer to these people as “driven.”

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Case Study

The Lehi Area Chamber of Commerce built up awareness for the chamber with local businesses through the introduction of a local business directory. The directory sparked interest in the chamber as members received a discount on display advertising. Read more

Storytelling Copy

The moment I laid eyes on her, I knew she was trouble. No dame dressed like she was would ever wonder into this establishment. I leaned over to ask the bartender who she was. He had no idea. Only that she didn’t belong in this neighborhood. I swallowed a shot of liquid courage from my whiskey glass and walked over to her. Before I could introduce myself a barrage of gunfire sprayed across the room. Instinctively, I dove forward to protect this mysterious woman and we both fell to the floor as more bullets raced over head.

Ad Copy

​Cadillac has always been associated with luxury and elegance, but for owners of the Cadillac CTS-V there is another adjective that describes the premium Sports Sedan. That word is power. Racing from zero to sixty miles per hour in 3.6 seconds, and capable of a top speed of two hundred miles per hour, the supercharged Cadillac CTS-V is a powerful, high performance sports sedan.

Radio Script

Hungry? Let’s talk Burgers! That’s the sound of a hand-formed burger on the grill? Now add you favorite toppings. Are your tastes buds starting to tingle? They’d better be! Five Guys, Handcrafted Burgers and Fries! So long, Hunger.

Book Excerpt

The best way to describe my father is to read the poem "If" by Rudyard Kipling. Derek Cuthbert exemplified what King Benjamin meant when he spoke of putting off the natural man. Ever obedient to do all that was in his power, Elder Cuthbert was humble, meek, submissive, patient and loving. Read more

Blog Post

Let’s face it voicing characters for Disney and other animation studios’ is the dream of every voiceover talent. But before you go to audition you need to have a strong voice over reel to submit. Read more

Online Content

The quickest way to lose credibility as a writer is to misspell words and omit the rules of correct writing etiquette. Many companies prefer to hire writers who understand how to communicate clearly and effectively. Read more

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