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Paul's Poignant Prattle

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Does social media marketing work for voiceover?

In my limited experience promoting myself online, I have to say, the answer is yes! There is a formula for business that applies to voiceover marketing specifically. That is the 80/20 rule. The 80/20 rule states that 80 percent of your time should be spent doing marketing and only 20 percent of your time is filled with recording.      more

How Voice Acting Chose Me

I’ve always been interested in voice over work. From my teen years I would listen to animated voiceover and think to myself, I can sound like that. 

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The Importance of a Vocal Warm Up

Tuning up your voice before performing is an important step to maintaining your instrument. I am not musically inclined. I have never studied music or been able to pay an instrument, but I do know that before performing, it is vital that musical instruments be tuned up.

How Voice Actors Reach their Hollywood Goals

Military personnel who go through survival training are taken out in to the desert and given 24 hours to find their way back to base. Armed only with a compass and canteen the soldier must return to base before running out of water and risk being lost in the desert.

What Disney Expects from Voiceover Talent

Let’s face it voicing characters for Disney and other animation studios’ is the dream of every voiceover talent. But before you go to audition you need to have a strong voice over reel to submit.

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