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Paul Cuthbert

Born in England and immigrating to the United States in his youth, Paul's natural speaking voice is best described as being deep with a neutral American accent. Paul's  sound is charming, educational and engaging. While Paul delivers a strong voice to narration, his playful side gives commercial recordings a friendly, upbeat sound.

A chameleon of character voices, accents and impressions, Paul provides quick turn around on projects from his home recording studio. Known for narration and commercial voice over, Paul offers multimedia, Internet, radio, television, and documentary narration with an authoritative, approachable, and trustworthy voice. Paul has been narrating explainer videos and doing commercial voice over since 2015. Paul voices projects for every type of client, from International and multinational corporations to national, regional, and local businesses

Who is Paul Cuthbert?

Paul Nathan Cuthbert is a strong male voice actor. His voice is charming, distinguished, gripping, robust, and witty. A graduate of Such-A-Voice "VIP" Voice Over Training, Paul learned his craft from the best voice talent in the industry. From his home studio, Paul records commercials, eLearning modules, narrations, audio books, and character voices for a growing number of clients.  

Specializing in foreign accents and impressions, Paul provides dialect and voice over coaching to select clients. In addition to his work as a great voice talent, Paul Cuthbert is an actor appearing in film and on television. You can see him in commercials throughout the United States.

Paul's work has been honored by the California & Nevada Credit Union Leagues as well as the Fife Gingerbread charity in Scotland.


Paul was nominated for his voiceover work in "The Cycle of Life" animation for Canadian Panorama at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in September 2019.

Why Voice Over?

I do what I do because I am a child at heart. I am childlike in my work as I bring character voices to life for young audiences. I do what I do because I love to bring joy into the lives of children. I love the imagination they have if I can influence a spark of imagination in someone, I bring joy to my work.

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